Martin Brynskov, Assoc. professor, Aarhus University

I work with the digital fabric of life, the stuff that connects people and places. Sometimes it is called technology, media, or materials. And the boundaries between them, the competences needed to understand and use them, are blurred. I work at the interface: smart cities and communities, internet of things, mobile media, media architecture, digital materials.  I am Associate Professor in Interaction Technologies at Aarhus University, research director of the Centre for Digital Transformation in Cities and Communities (DITCOM), Chair of Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC), director of Digital Design Lab, Chair of the Danish Standards Committee on Smart and Sustainable Cities & Communities, founder of the Danish Smart City Network, coordinator of SynchroniCity, NGIoT and OrganiCity, co-founder of Smart Aarhus and research fellow at Participatory IT Centre and CAVI.  I engage with the world around me: people, communities, cities, organizations, institutions, companies. I research, teach, speak, facilitate, advise. And I like it.